ARFLP Rule 84. Motion for Reconsideration or Clarification

A.  Grounds. Any party may file a motion to reconsider or clarify the court’s ruling for the following reasons:

1.  The court did not properly consider or weigh all of the admitted evidence;

2.  The court did not properly consider, interpret or apply the controlling law;

3.  The court mistakenly overlooked or misapplied uncontested facts, including mathematical errors, that were necessary to the ruling; or

4.  The ruling is confusing or susceptible to more than one reasonable interpretation.

B.  Scope. All motions for reconsideration or clarification, however titled, shall specify one or more of the grounds enumerated in paragraph A above as the basis for the motion. All such motions shall be submitted without oral argument and without response or reply unless the court otherwise directs. No such motion shall be granted, however, without the court providing an opportunity for written response. A motion authorized by this rule may not be substituted for, combined with, or pled alternatively to, a motion filed under Rule 83. On a motion for reconsideration or clarification, the court may, after allowing an opportunity for written response, modify its ruling as appropriate. The court may not, however, open the judgment or accept additional testimony or evidence as it could with a motion filed under Rule 83.

C.  Partial Rulings; Oral Argument. The court may summarily deny a motion for reconsideration or clarification with regard to one or more challenged rulings, while ordering a written response concerning others. The court may also schedule oral argument on any aspect of the motion if it believes oral argument could prove helpful.

D.  Timing of Motion. A motion offered under enumerated grounds (1), (2) or (3) of paragraph A of this rule shall be filed no later than 30 days after entry of the relevant ruling. Motions offered under enumerated ground (4) of paragraph A of this rule may be made at any time deemed appropriate by a party or the court.

E.  Effect of Motion on Time for Appeal. No motion authorized by this rule shall suspend or extend the deadline for filing a notice of appeal from the relevant ruling.